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According to economic researcher Michael Clemens, a worker born in Egypt but living in the United States makes 12 times as much as an identical worker still in Egypt. El Chapo capture in February a year ago was expected as the end of his criminal profession so the observing components further released in spite of the way. He has the required potential to work towards the progress of the people and provide clean governance louboutin sale in New York.

Is going to be awhile, Mr. Corman said. Governor holding to the fact that he needs a broad based tax increase. 2. I Love Lucy Cuban Bandleader Ricky Ricardo would be happy if his wife Lucy would just be a housewife. Instead she tries constantly to perform at the Tropicana where he works, and make life comically frantic in the apartment building they share with landlords Fred and Ethel Mertz.

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Tucker and Rousseau, who have been together four years and are engaged, worked with a DCF worker, cheap christian louboutin Jen McGarvin from the St. Johnsbury DCF office, when Tucker was concerned about his child from a previous relationship. The child, now 11, was living at the mother’s home, and allegedly witnessed repeated incidents of domestic abuse against the mother.

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She can sense how the race is developing then pick the right moment she couldn’t have had the results she has had without an innate sense of how the race is unfolding. Can I think of anyone who has achieved that level of success, that early? Yeah: Lance Armstrong. But someone who came out of nowhere and achieved those kinds of results? No.”.

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A much greater danger looms. Expansion of a pipeline from Alberta to Burnaby, a suburb of Vancouver, could bring hundreds more oil tankers into inland waters. Canada is unprepared for a major (or minor) oil spill off southern Vancouver Island and in the Gulf Islands. The past five years, after discussions with many people whose wisdom I respect, I have realized that this is not a fair stand to take. I realize that it is not correct to prevent christian louboutin uk any individual from adding value to any organization. As long as there is merit in the individual and the due process is followed and as long as the person whose children are being considered is not part of the decision making, I am okay with it.

As I previously stated, if I had to choose one it would be the Glock 17 9mm and an Advantage Arms .22LR conversion kit. I taken squirrels at 30 yards with the .22LR and taken whitetail with 147gr louboutin outlet 9mm hand loads at 20 yards. Good article and fun topic. Baby Shepard died after being put to sleep in an unbuckled car seat at a day care and was left unsupervised. The position of his head compromised his airway, causing him to stop breathing. Ali Dodd says she received a phone call no mother should ever have to take, telling her that her son had passed away..

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Peter said: “Nottingham Trent University is going through some fantastic developments at christian louboutin sale the moment. I have been so impressed by the staff and students that I have met, and the investment in facilities and accommodation by the University is inspirational. The School of Architecture, Design and the Built Environment is in a strong position to develop its already impressive reputation, and I’m looking forward to working with and supporting my new colleagues in producing high calibre graduates and a first class student experience.”.

Russ christian louboutin outlet looked at his son, then back to me. This guy here was my neighbor growing up. Back in the town where Grandma and Pops live. Petrillo, Scranton, Bachelor of Social Work, summa cum laude; Amanda R. Quevedo, Lords Valley, Bachelor of Fine Arts, studio art/photography; Nicholas David Scatena, West Wyoming, Bachelor of Arts, philosophy; Kelsey E. Whitaker, Kingsley, Bachelor of Science, business administration marketing; and Jared R.

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New Years Day

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Notice to all members

Cockenzie & Port Seton Royal British Legion will be open on New Year’s Day (01/01/11) from 12 o’clock noon, to 6pm.

Under 18’s will not be allowed entry to the club. (There will be no exceptions). 

Anyone wishing to come along can bring their own bottle of spirits. All soft drinks, beers and usual snacks will be sold over the bar.

 Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year.




Armed Forces Day 2010

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Armed Forces Day Edinburgh is 26th June 2010, and is an opportunity for the nation to show our support for the men and women who make up the Armed Forces community. We need numbers of anyone wishing to go.  If we get the numbers the club will supply transport.

Thanks Paul XXV

Armistice Day

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Armistice Day is a tribute to our men & women who have fought and died so that their neighbours might live without fear of aggression. A statement of those who lived and lost their chance for peace. Therefore, while Armistice Day is a day for pride, it is for pride in the achievements of others—humility in our own. We paid grievously for those faults of the past in deaths, disaster, and cost. It is no longer possible to shield ourselves with arms alone, against the ordeal of attack. For modern war visits destruction on the victor and the vanquished alike. Our only complete assurance of surviving Wars is to halt it before it starts. For that reason we clearly have no choice but to face the challenge of these strained times. To ignore the danger of aggression is simply to invite it. ARMED forces can wage wars but they cannot make peace. As a result today we are neither at peace nor war. Instead we are engaged in this contest of tension, seeking agreement with those who disdain it, re-arming, and struggling for peace. Our thoughts are very much with all the men and women of our armed forces, serving with such distinction at home and overseas, and our thoughts are also with their families. “So let us today pay tribute and give thanks to all who wear the British uniform, all who carry our flag and all who risk or have given their lives that our country can remain strong and free. Our gratitude is unbounded, as your heroism is given freely. You are in our thoughts today and always. A thought to our men and women in our armed forces. Go out and continue your military career, remember you are going to assume more and more responsibility. It is an honor and privilege to serve our great country. Continue to learn how to be of great service to that country and remember in some cases you may be leading men and women, British men and women who are really something special. Understand them and be loyal to them while, at the same time, you are being loyal to your superiors, your mission and your country.” Trust in your self and stay safe. God keep you safe. God Save the Queen. XXV

C&PRBL wishes all, a great day.

Many Thanks Paul XXV

Remembrance Sunday Parade

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C&PRBL welcomes all members and guests, to join in on their parade for our Remembrance Sunday.

The Service and Parade will serve to be a monumental display of devotion to duty and honor to those that have served and the men and women who continue to give great service .

We urge you all to attend wherever possible and support the C&PRBL.

We look forward to seeing you on the day. March off is at 10.30am  prompt for service at 10.40am. 

After the service the parade will march down to Cockenzie’s Old Parish Church for a short service. Once finished, march to the main road to give the eyes left and salute. To finish, march back to the C&PRBL, then dismissed.

Bar will be open for light refreshments, along with a pie & a pint.

Many Thanks Paul XXV

Researching Military Ancestors

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Researching Military Ancestors – Some Tips

· Most records prior to 1914 are held at the Public Record Office.

· Officers’ Records 1914-1921 are held at the Public Record Office.

· Further information about Officers can be found in the Army Lists. The Public Record Office and National Army Museum have virtually complete sets of these.

· Most Service Records of Other Ranks 1914-1920 were destroyed in 1940. Some of the surviving records are held at the Public Record Office; the majority are currently held at the Army Personnel Centre.

· Records of Officers and ORs post-1922 are held at the Army Personnel Centre.

· The Commonwealth War Graves Commissions has an on-line Debt of Honour Register.

· A few Nominal Rolls are held in Battalion Regimental Archives.

· Digests of Services and some War Diaries are held in Battalion Regimental Archives.

· (World War I only). If you have your ancestor’s regimental number, it may be possible to ascertain in which Battalion(s) or other units he served through the Medal Roll for the British War Medal and Victory Medal. A copy is held in Regimental Archives.

Useful Addresses

· Public Record Office Ruskin Avenue, Kew, Richmond, Surrey TW9 4DU ( www.pro.gov.uk ). The PRO has an on-line catalogue, but it is usually necessary either to visit Kew in person, or to engage a professional researcher.

· Army Personnel Centre Historic Disclosures, Mailpoint 400, Kentigern House, 65 Brown Street, Glasgow, G2 8EX. Postal enquiries only. For a fee (currently £25) the APC will undertake a search of the records, and, if found, will provide a typed summary of the Record Sheet.

· Commonwealth War Graves Commission 2 Marlow Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 7DX ( www.cwgc.org ).

· The Army Museums Ogilby Trust’s web site at www.armymuseums.org.uk provides a list of useful addresses and bibliographies.

· National Army Museum Royal Hospital Road, London SW3 4HT ( www.national-army-museum.ac.uk ).

Something to think about!!

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Something to think about!!

This is pretty good info. Never even thought about key cards containing anything other than an access code for the room!


Ever wonder what is on your magnetic key card?

a. Customer’s name
B. Customer’s partial home address
c. Hotel room number
d. Check-in date and out dates
e. Customer’s credit card number and expiration date!

When you turn them in to the front desk your personal information is there for any employee to access by simply scanning the card in the hotel scanner. An employee can take a hand full of cards home and using a scanning device, access the information onto a laptop computer and go shopping at your expense.

Simply put, hotels do not erase the information on these cards until an employee reissues the card to the next hotel guest. At that time, the new guest’s information is electronically “overwritten” on the card and the previous guest’s information is erased in the overwriting process.

But until the card is rewritten for the next guest, it usually is kept in a drawer at the front desk with YOUR INFORMATION ON IT!

The bottom line is: Keep the cards, take them home with you, or destroy them. NEVER leave them behind in the room or room wastebasket, and NEVER turn them into the front desk when you check out of a room. They will not charge you for the card (it’s illegal) and you’ll be sure you are not leaving a lot of valuable personal information on it that could be easily lifted off with any simple scanning device card reader.

For the same reason, if you arrive at the airport and discover you still have the card key in your pocket, do not toss it in an airport trash basket. Take it home and destroy it by cutting it up, especially through the electronic information strip!

If you have a small magnet, pass it across the magnetic strip several times. Then try it in the door, it will not work. It erases everything on the card.

Information courtesy of: Police Service.

PLEASE let you friends and family know.

With Regards Paul Rafferty

Change your name and lock up yir birds

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British royal family change surname in 1917
The British royal family changed their surname (last name) from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to Windsor in 1917.George V was king of England from 1910 to 1936. Son of Edward VII, King of England, and Princess Alexandra of Denmark, he married Queen Mary of Teck (called May) in 1893. Known as the Sailor Prince, he had an active naval career and rose to the rank of vice admiral in 1903.World War One broke out in 1914 and was in full fury in 1917. In protest, King George V renounced all the German titles belonging to him and his family and adopted the name of his castle, Windsor.

Ravens are kept in the Tower of London because, according to myth, the British throne will come to a fall if the ravens leave the tower. The wings of the ravens are clipped to prevent them from flying away. See the Stewarts dinae have a chance !


UK Armed Forces Veterans Lapel Badge

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UK Armed Forces Veterans Lapel Badge

For generations our Armed Forces have served their country across the world in many roles from war fighting, peacekeeping and reconstruction to home defence. In so doing, they have defended our country, our way of life and our cherished values. A large number of our veterans are young and active and now use the skills, the discipline and the leadership they learned in the Armed Forces to benefit their civilian employers and the wider community. The Ministry of Defence Strategy for Veterans highlights that because of all this it is important to focus on supporting veterans of all ages by celebrating, and raising public awareness of, their achievements and their contribution to society. To promote recognition of veterans by the wider British public the unique and unifying symbol of the HM Armed Forces Veterans Badge is available to all those who have served in HM Armed Forces.

The HM Armed Forces Veterans’ Lapel Badge was launched in May 2004 by the Minister for Veterans, to raise the profile of veterans by assisting the wider public to recognise them. The first veterans badge was issued to Lord Healy, a veteran of the Battle for Monte Cassino, on 10 May 2004, which initiated the roll out of the badge to the generation who served in the Second World War. Since then eligibility to apply for the badge has been extended in sequential phases and now all veterans are eligible to apply.

The badge is an enamelled, engraved, and pinned, lapel badge featuring the words “HM Armed Forces – Veteran”, which encompass the Tri-Service, Anchor, Crossed Swords and Eagle motif. Its symbolism is intended to unite all veterans in recognising the commonality of their service, to encourage a sense of unity and community between surviving veterans and to ignite public recognition of our veterans and their continuing contribution to society.


All those who have served in HM Armed Forces, including Volunteer and Regular Reserves

Veterans who served in Armed Forces of other Countries and those who served alongside HM Armed Forces are not eligible (e.g. Canadian Navy or Royal Australian Air Force).

Posthumous requests
The badge is a survivors badge and therefore is not issued posthumously.
The only exception is for War Widows and Widowers who are in receipt of a War Widows/Widowers Pension paid by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency. This also includes those who have received an award of Survivors Guaranteed Income Payment (SGIP) under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme. This is in recognition of the fact that their death was due to their military service.
How to apply
You can apply by any of the following methods:
Click on one of the links below to access the application form.

Application Forms

Acrobat Reader Version
Microsoft Word Version
Rich Text Format (.rtf)
Please ensure you complete the form including your service details as fully as possible.

You may post or fax your completed form to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency.

Another option is to download the form, complete it electronically, save the form and return to the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency by email.

If you wish, you may call the Freephone number to apply. Please ensure you have to hand all the details asked for on the application form.

Postal address:
Service Personnel and Veterans Agency,

01253 330561(UK Only)
+44 1253 330561 (Overseas)

Email: SPVA-VeteransBadges@mod.uk

Freephone Helpline
Free: 0800 169 2277 (UK only)
Free: 0800 169 3458 (Minicom UK only)
+44 1253 866043 (Overseas)

Information for Third Parties

ex-Service organisations
public advisors
If you wish to publicise the availability of the Veterans Lapel Badge, please use the exact criteria and contact details as shown above.

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