The Origin of The Royal British Legion Scotland

The Royal British Legion Scotland arose from the ashes of the First World War when many thousands, returning to a “land for heroes to live in” faced unemployment, starvation and widespread misery in a country disorganised by the problems of rehabilitating four million soldiers. 

The one man capable of uniting the many ex-service organisations, which had sprung up, and welding them into a new powerful and universal body capable of dealing with the multiplicity of post war problems was Field Marshal Earl Haig who had led our army’s final victory in France. 

The Royal British Legion Scotland was formed under his leadership at a meeting in the Usher Hall; Edinburgh on 18th June 1921 and from the inception has enjoyed Royal Patronage. The first Patron was HRH the Prince of Wales, followed by his brother King George VI, both of whom had seen active Service in the First World War. In 1952 our present Queen became Patron and the following year Prince Philip was elected as an Ordinary Member by the Annual Conference. Prince Charles was elected some years later and in 1987, in Inverness, Prince Andrew was also elected. 

The aftermath of the Second World War and later campaigns in many parts of the world added to the legacies of the 1914-18 Holocaust; our work in helping ex-service men and women has never ceased.


One of the main aims of the Legion is to perpetuate the memory of those who died in the service of their Country. The Legion is proud to undertake this duty each year on Remembrance Sunday when it organises Remembrance Services and Parades in every town and village in the land. 

Through its Branches and Branch Clubs, the Legion preserves the spirit, fellowship and comradeship so well known to all who have served in Her Majesty’s Forces. 

Through eighty-seven years of an active life the Legion has been guided and continues to be guided by its simple motto “Service not Self

If you have served, or are still serving, in Her Majesty’s Forces you should JOIN NOW and help, not only yourself, but others as well.