Cockenzie & Port Seton  Royal British Legion  are pleased to introduce the 2011 officials


Branch Officers

  • Chairman  - 
  • Vice Chairman  -  
  • Branch Secretary  -   
  • Branch Treasurer  -  

 Branch Committee Members

  • Poppy Appeals Convener   –  
  • Social Events Organiser  -

 Bar Steward 

Heather Angus


This position would be filled by a person gently nudged into volunteering who is known to have the capacity to keep up to fifteen adults in order during monthly meetings, the chairman is the co-ordinator of all the sections which have officers or organisers, this dialogue must be continuous to enable the chair to bring a formal agenda to any meeting, this in turn ensures a certain discipline and protocol injected into the branch.

The vice-chairman certainly needs the attributes of the chairman, it is imperative that the vice-chairman should be kept up to speed in consultation with the chairman at all times, so as to assume these duties when called upon to do so.

Deals with all branch correspondence and returns, takes the minutes of both the committee and member’s meetings, produce and dispatches minutes to members, keeps up to date on RBL rules and constitution, advises the chairman and the committee on them, keeps up to date branch records.

Controls the financial side of the branch, and operates the bank account. Briefs members at meetings, on the state of the branch finances, produces an annual account which must be audited.

Where all officers and organisers are so important to the successful running of our branch, the PAC really comes in to his own at our special time of the year, the poppy appeal period. a lot of behind the scenes work for some months before and after must be carried out, the PAC’s greatest difficulty is to convince all the personnel in our branch to play our small (but very necessary) part which is the collecting, so as to achieve another good year for our charity.

This organisers job is to keep us amused and entertained, sounds  jolly, but can be time consuming and frustrating, the organiser not only has to, set up an event, make it ridiculously cheap, at tremendous value for money, but then has to convince us we need to get out a bit more!

They are used for introducing ideas, discussing points of the meeting, and can be asked to do the small jobs that fall outside of the remit of the sections within the branch, they can also be approached by any member to put a question of any relevance for them at a committee meeting.
(This is our method of hearing the views of some members who do not like to stand up and address a meeting of members). They also have a vote.